Why you deserve fertility awareness, not contraception

This isn’t a post to make you mad, it’s a post to invite you to something greater.

I’m a copywriter – and most of my clients are fertility awareness instructors or restorative reproductive health doctors. Every single day I am seeing the power of fertility awareness/natural family planning and writing about this revolutionary approach to women’s healthcare.

And I’m wondering why the HECK more women don’t know about this.

So that’s the reason for my post.

If you’ve gone to your doctor with painful periods, PMS, fatigue, and been given birth control and sent on your way; or if you’re sick of the side effects of hormonal birth control; or if you’ve been using NFP for awhile and want to be reminded of how it’s so WORTH IT … then this is for you.

Contraception is Intrinsically Evil

Oh snap… that ^^ hits hard, doesn’t it? Especially in a culture where women are almost *expected* to be taking contraception from the age of 13. As a Catholic, I accept and wholeheartedly agree with the Church that contraception is inherently evil. Morally bankrupt, even.

On the altar at my wedding, I vowed to love my husband freely, totally, faithfully, and fruitfully. Contraception would prevent me from loving in that way because it holds something back — namely, my fertility. It would prevent me from making a complete gift of self.

NFP (natural family planning, but I prefer the term fertility awareness) is a licit way of working WITH your fertility, not against it. It suppresses NOTHING, but rather, it respects the natural function of a woman’s reproductive system. Biomarkers like cervical mucus and temperature shifts are charted and used to identify which days you’re fertile or infertile, and then you’re able to have a very real, very regular, and very honest conversation with your spouse and God about whether or not you’re feeling called to potentially create new life that month. 

It is difficult some days, and frustrating on others. Not going to lie. And I hate when people paint NFP as some sort of happy-all-the-time picnic. Nothing in life is like that, though. There are crosses and there are resurrections, in all things. But NFP helps us foster an intimacy in marriage that would be IMPOSSIBLE with the use of contraception. It helps us show intimacy in other ways and to respect each other’s fertility, and to deeply understand that love is self-gift, not use of another. 

Fertility Awareness is Superior — There, I Said It

All morals aside, fertility awareness is far superior than any contraception in terms of science and health — and I say that confidently and not as a medical professional, because it’s just so dang obvious.

And, I’ll go so far as to say that contraception is grossly anti-woman. And here’s why.

Birth control shamelessly masks symptoms. The first doctor I went to when I was struggling with debilitating cramps, PMS, and fatigue was going to give me birth control. This would “resolve” the symptoms (LOL). Meanwhile, she failed to mention that birth control would do nothing to stop the progression of endometriosis, which I had, and if I’d taken birth control without any actually receiving treatment, the endo would’ve continued ravaging my body and destroying my fertility even if symptoms lessened.

A doctor trained in restorative reproductive healthcare (NaPro Technology) had me start charting my cycle, and he quickly identified hormonal imbalances that were making me feel miserable, and supplemented with bio-identical progesterone (no class 1 carcinogens here, woot). I had surgery in 2017 to excise the endo and stop the progression of the disease.

I know there are women out there who are suffering. Some doctor gave you birth control and sent you on your way and you’re still suffering. That is so GROSS that they did that, and I am so sorry. You deserve better.

And for the dissidents, please tell me how ignoring legit medical concerns and severe symptoms with a pill that depletes nutrients, causes anxiety and depression, and host of other horrendous symptoms and risks is in any woman’s favor…?

Birth control treats fertility as a disease. When you take birth control, you’re intentionally suppressing the function of a natural and healthy biological function. Please point to where men do the same thing, ever. IT DOESN’T HAPPEN. Birth control treats fertility — something totally normal and healthy — as a disease that needs to be treated and suppressed. YOUR FERTILITY IS NOT A DISEASE.

Fertility awareness folks even go so far as to say that your period is a 5th vital sign because of the valuable information it gives you about your health. Do not suppress it.

Birth control perpetuates use. I’ve written about this before, but contraception separates sex from it’s natural consequence… babies. It becomes something you do to feel good, not something that could potentially create new life. Naturally, when this happens, you respect it less. And the people doing it respect each other less. And that’s sad :(. And it’s to blame for so much of the brokenness in modern culture today.

What Fertility Awareness Is

So let’s get something out of the way right now. Fertility awareness isn’t the rhythm method. And if anyone tells you that it is, they literally don’t know what they’re talking about. So ignore them.

Fertility awareness is as scientific as it gets. You can use fertility awareness to try to conceive, to avoid conceiving, and to identify fertility and health issues. And charting your cycle gives you a clear picture of what is going on in your body: hormone deficiencies, diseases like endometriosis, PCOS… it all shows up in your chart.

Fertility awareness allows trained restorative reproductive healthcare professionals to addresses the ROOT CAUSE of your pain, your symptoms, your infertility — it identifies and then treats it. Traditional medicine gives you birth control and sends you on your way, until you try to conceive and are given the  “diagnosis” of “unexplained infertility,” to which their solution is IVF… meanwhile, all of this completely bypasses the intricacies of your reproductive system altogether.

This is a long post, but I’m super passionate about this because women deserve better than birth control. We deserve to be heard about our health, to have our health and biological functions respected and not suppressed. We deserve to be aware of our fertility. 

If you want to learn more, here are some accounts/sites I recommend:

Natural Womanhood 

Humanae Vitae

Couple to Couple League

On Instagram:

Total Whine

You Me And NFP 


And if you want to hear more firsthand, send me a message or leave a comment. I’m happy to chat about this further 🙂



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